One-time Registration Fees. There is a $4 fee to register your local number, regardless of your plan.

Monthly Subscription Fees: There is a monthly fee of $10 to maintain your number with mobile carriers.

Carrier Fees: Carrier fees are surcharges that wireless carriers apply to outbound traffic on their networks and are out of our control. We process these fees for you and pass them through with no markup. You can learn more here.

Annual Vetting Fees: If you require a larger messaging volume or higher throughput, you will need to go through a vetting process. The standard vetting cost is $40 per year. This fee is due upfront at the time of registration.

*Based on your vetting score, you could have up to 200,000 messages per day for T-Mobile customers (other carriers do not have a limit at this time).

You can learn more about registered local numbers or 10DLC here.

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