What is 10DLC?

10DLC is the industry nickname for the new local messaging standard being introduced by mobile carriers. As part of it, businesses must now register on The Campaign Registry (TCR).

Why is 10DLC being introduced?

As texting becomes an increasingly popular channel for businesses, carriers want to prevent spam from going out on their networks—while still making it easy for businesses to text. 10DLC is designed to do just that.

Who is impacted by 10DLC?

Any business that wants to use a local number will need to register it. However, 10DLC is not your only option. We also offer toll-free numbers that are excellent for texting large groups or individuals. Finally, we can also help you register a dedicated short code.

What is needed to register your local number?

We handle this process for you by collecting information on your business and text messaging plans. You can learn more about registering your number and business here.

Are there additional fees to use 10DLC?

Carriers impose three categories of fees to register and send messages over 10DLC (these are passed directly to you with no markup).

One-time Registration Fees. All fees are waived until September 20th. After this date, it will be $54 to register your business.

Monthly Subscription Fees: $2 for low-volume plans (~1,000 messages per day on T-Mobile*, 3,000-4,000 altogether); $10 for standard plans (~10,000 messages per day).

Annual Vetting Fees: If you require a larger messaging volume or higher throughput, you will need to go through a vetting process. The standard vetting cost is $40 per year. This fee is due upfront at the time of registration.

*Based on your vetting score you could have up to 200,000 messages per day for T-Mobile customers (other carriers do not have a limit at this time).

What if I have more than one phone number?

It's easy–you tell us what you plan to use the numbers for and we will register them for you.

Is messaging to Canada impacted by these changes?

No, Canadian mobile carriers may require businesses to register local numbers in the future, but at this time, they have not announced any plans to do so.

Is MMS messaging affected by 10DLC?

With 10DLC, you can send MMS messages from a local number. However, if you want to send a lot of MMS, a short code is the best option.

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