What is 10DLC?

10DLC, or 10-digit long code, is a new product from wireless carriers that allows businesses to send application-to-person text messages (A2P) from local numbers. It is designed to replace standard local numbers and shared short codes.

Why is 10DLC being introduced?

As texting becomes an increasingly popular channel for businesses, carriers want to prevent spam from going out on their networks—while still making it easy for businesses to text. 10DLC is designed to do just that.

Are there any benefits to switching to 10DLC?

10DLC is approved for A2P (application-to-person) messaging. This gives you access to better deliverability and a higher messaging speed.

Who should switch to 10DLC?

Any businesses that uses a local number to text should consider switching to 10DLC. However, 10DLC is a new product that is evolving everyday. If you want a robust, guaranteed solution, we highly recommend toll-free numbers.

What is needed for 10DLC registration?

Every 10DLC number and brand must be registered in a central carrier registry. Required fields include your legal company name, address, a link to your Terms & Conditions, etc.

Are there additional fees to use 10DLC?

There are three categories of fees. These come from the carriers and we do not mark them up.

  • One-time Registration Fees. This fee is currently $4 to encourage early adoption but we expect it to increase to $54 in the near future. We promise to update you before it becomes a requirement.
  • Monthly Subscription Fees: $2 for low-volume plans (~1,500 messages per day); $10 for standard plans (~10,000 messages per day); standard plans provide higher messaging throughput and require a vetting process. Additional subscription fees may apply.
  • Annual Vetting Fees: If you require a larger messaging volume or higher throughput, you will need to go through a vetting process. The standard vetting cost is $40 per year.

What if I have more than one phone number?

Carriers are rolling out a special tier of 10DLC service that will enable you to register multiple phone numbers in a single 10DLC registration. This has not been finalized. To the best of our knowledge, anyone with more than 2 phone numbers will be required to undergo a vetting process.

What do I need to do next?

If you are currently on a local number, please click here to switch to a toll-free number (recommended) or here to register for 10DLC.

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