Birthday Texts

Engage your customers by sending an automated birthday message on their special day.

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Who knew that customer engagement could be so easy?! Make it happen with our Birthday Texts feature (located in the Apps tab of the Dashboard).

There are two methods for sending out automated birthday texts to your customers:

1. User Opt-In Via Keyword

First, click the Birthday Texts icon in the Apps tab of the dashboard. If you have not yet created a keyword, you will be prompted to do so:

Select what keyword you would like your users to text in to sign up for your birthday texts:

After creating your keyword, you will then customize the Birthday autoresponse, the Birthday confirmation (optional), Birthday message, and time you want the message sent out at.

Click Save, and you're good to go! Your customers can now text in your keyword to your number in order to sign up for special birthday promotions.

You can also pause, edit, duplicate, or delete your birthday texts using the three dots at the end of the row next to your birthday text.

Note: You can also search your Birthday Texts by name, adjust the columns, and sort Texts by Name, Keyword, Responses, and Status.

2. Uploading your Contacts' Birthdays via Spreadsheet

If you already have your contacts' birthdays in an Excel spreadsheet and need to upload them into a Contact List, you can do so using the "Import Contacts" button in the Contacts tab of the dashboard.

For more information on this process, please see our Importing Contacts Help Video.

Ensure that the birthdays in your spreadsheet (must be .CSV file type) follow the specific format, "MM/DD/YYYY", so that they will import correctly

Once imported, you will then need to create a Keyword.  Ensure that you select "Add to existing" when creating your keyword and connect the keyword to your newly created Contact List with birthdays.

Creating a keyword is necessary even if you do not intend on having contacts text in the keyword to sign up for birthday texts. 

Then complete the steps at the top of this page for 1. User Opt-In Via Keyword

Once you click Save, your contacts will start to receive your automated text messages on the dates you imported.

Note: You can run the Birthday Texts app through both your primary and secondary numbers.

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