The science of emoji marketing is all about inciting emotions. Utilizing visual aids, even small ones 😄, can help make your messages memorable! 

How to Send Emojis

1. Click on your inbox and either start a new conversation or click on an existing thread. 

2. Type your message out in the text section at the bottom of the page. Stop at or select the point in the text you'd like to add your emoji.

3. Place your cursor in the spot where you want the emoji, and click the smiley face icon below the text.

💡SimpleTexting Tip: Your messages typically support 160 characters of text. Each emoji requires 28 characters.

4. Scroll through the emoji options or, if you want to search for something specific, type it into the search bar at the top. 

5. Click the emoji you want to use and it will be added into your message. Go on to send now or schedule that message for later! 

💡SimpleTexting Tip: When you select an emoji you'll see text pop up below your message that says "Be careful: not all mobile phones and carriers support special characters." This doesn't mean your message won't be delivered. If you want to learn more, see here!

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