When a conversation is "resolved" it moves off of your dashboard making room for unanswered threads to take priority. You can mark a conversation as resolved or unresolved as many times as you'd like. Your dashboard itself can also be configured to view only resolved or unresolved conversations at once. 

Resolving a Conversation

1. Select the conversation you'd like to mark as resolved. 

2. At the top of the conversation, select the Resolve checkmark icon. Your recipient will not see the notification that appears on your screen indicating that the thread is resolved. 

3. To reopen the conversation, click the check mark once again. 

Filter Your Conversations

1. Make sure your inbox is selected. Look for the two dropdown menus below the search bar. 

2. Select the drop down menu on the left. From there you can toggle between four different conversation filters: Resolved, Unresolved, Snoozed, and Show all. 

💡SimpleTexting Tip: You can also choose to filter the order in which your conversations appear based on the longest wait time or the most recently received. 

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