The inbox is where you receive and reply to incoming messages, and you can initiate messages to individual contacts that you have not messaged before.

Sending a Message

In order to start a conversation with a single contact, click the blue icon next to the search bar and type the phone number into the field with the blinking cursor, "Name or Phone Number...".

Type  your message into the message box at the bottom of the page, labeled "Your message..." and click Send SMS.

Voila! You have successfully sent your text message! 💬

(Please note, if you send a message greater than 160 characters, the message will be sent as a MMS message and will cost 3 credits.)

A notification will appear next to your Inbox icon when you have a new incoming message.

Incoming Message Notifications

Download our mobile app to receive push notifications when you receive a message. You can view and reply to these messages via the mobile inbox or via your web portal.

For more information on how to set up new message notifications via email or text, click the button below:


By clicking the icon in the inbox message box at the bottom of the page, you can use our Suggested Templates or create your own templates to send a quick message to your contacts.

Inbox Settings

By clicking the 3-dot button in the top right corner of your inbox, you can access additional settings:

Unsubscribe Contact

Selecting this option will allow you to unsubscribe a contact directly from the Inbox. Once you click "Unsubscribe", they will not receive future Campaigns that are sent to your Subscriber List.

Remove Conversation

Selecting this option will remove the conversation from the inbox associated with the selected phone number. It will not delete the contact from your Subscriber List.

Message display options

Selecting this option will allow you to toggle on/off the ability to view all incoming and outgoing messages to your contacts OR restrict the inbox to only include "natural conversations" (i.e. incoming messages, excluding: keyword opt-ins, data collection replies, and responses to Polling Subscribers questions).

By default, this option is turned off to restrict the inbox to only include natural conversations.

Further Information On Getting Started

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