You've updated your legal terms, collected subscribers, and are ready to take off. 🚀 Let's take a look at some example messages you can send. Don't know how to send a campaign? Follow along with this step-by-step article and video.

Welcome Subscribers

First things first, say hello to your new contacts and thank them for joining your list. This is an opportunity to remind them what they can expect to receive from you. Below is an example from the online gymnastics shop, Plum Practicewear.

Screenshot of text message from Plum

Launch a Product

People are more likely to join your SMS list if it means they'll gain early access to products. Before you send an email about the launch of a new item, share it with your SMS subscribers. That's exactly what Toroe Eyewear does:

Screenshot of product launch text message

Considering including a photo of the product to capture even more attention. (Here's how to send an MMS message.) We've found that photos in texts can increase click-through rates by 52%. Take a look at this example from The Sill:

Screenshot of MMS message

Send Limited-Time Offers

Unlike emails, text messages are read almost immediately. This makes SMS the perfect channel for time-sensitive offers. For example, Ulta Beauty offered a discount on a skincare bundle. To receive the discount, you had to order within 24 hours:

Example of LTO text promotions

Exclusive Discounts

Your SMS subscribers are your most engaged customers. Reward them for their loyalty with deals they can't find anywhere else. Here's an example from one of our customers, MAN Sports:

Example discount from MAN sports

Restock Alerts

Let your subscribers know when a popular item has been restocked. (And then watch it be solid it shortly after. 😎)

Example of a restock alert from Corkcicle

Seasonal Sales

Email inboxes are flooded with holiday promotions. Use a text message to break through the clutter.

Example of a message for a seasonal sale

Tell Your Brand's Story

Remember, some of your subscribers may be new fans who still don't know much about your story or products. Create an SMS drip campaign that educates them about your brand.

Example of a text promoting a prodcuct

Ask Customers to Text In

Use your brand's area of expertise to build relationships with subscribers. For example, the cookware brand Equal Parts encourages its fans to text in to receive personalized cooking recommendations from a professional chef:

Example of a brand building text

These are just a handful of ideas. The key is to get creative. Your subscribers have given you access to the same inbox that's normally reserved for family and friends. Don't waste this opportunity!

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