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Setting Up an Away Message

Learn how to set up an automated message that replies for you when you're unavailable.

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With our away message feature, you can get back to replies right away—even if you're not around. A few things to know:

  • Away messages under 161 characters cost 1 credit each. Longer messages cost 2 credits each. So if 5 people text you and receive your away message that's 160 characters, that costs 5 credits.

  • Contacts will only receive your away message once per day. Let's say you have your away message set to send 24/7—just to let people know you don't look at your inbox. Well, if someone texts you 4 times in one day, you don't want to waste 4 credits sending them the same away message! That's why we only send it once.

  • Each number gets its own away message. You can have multiple phone numbers with SimpleTexting. If you want an away message for all your numbers, you need to set up each one separately.

  • Only admins can create and edit away messages. If you're a team member and want to set up an away message, please contact your account admin.

Setting Up an Away Message

1. At the top left of your Inbox, click on the robot face icon.

2. Select Away settings.

3. Write out your message. Please note MMS is not available for away messages.

4. Select whether you want your message to send 24/7, outside of office hours, or never.

5. If you want to send your message during select times, click Only send outside of office hours and set your office hours in the popup. Click Save hours.

6. Click Save & close.

7. Done! You can see whether your away message is currently sending by checking the friendly robot at the top left of your Inbox. Click on them for more details:

9. When someone receives your away message, it will appear like this in your Inbox:

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