How do overages work?

Overages prevent any interruption to your service. Here's how they work.

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Our monthly plans come with a set amount of credits you can use to send SMS and MMS messages.

If the number of messages you send exceeds the limit of your plan, we won’t interrupt your service. Instead, you’ll see an additional charge on your monthly bill.

To check your per-credit overage rate, visit our pricing page.

How do I track my overages?

You can track your credits from your dashboard, where you'll see the total credits used and the number of overages.

In the example below, the account has used 10,685 extra credits on top of the 7,500 that comes with the $229 per month plan.

The monthly charge in the above scenario would be $609.28 ($229 + (10,865 x 3.5 ¢).

When am I charged for overages?

Overages are charged in arrears. In other words, they're charged at the beginning of the following billing cycle. However, if you reach 100,000 credits in overages, they're charged immediately.

Upgrading your plan

If you consistently see additional charges on your account, you may want to increase your plan to the appropriate pricing tier. Here's how to upgrade your plan.

All changes are reflected in your account immediately.

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