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Can I use SimpleTexting to send cannabis or CBD-related messages?
Can I use SimpleTexting to send cannabis or CBD-related messages?

In this article we explain why you can’t use SimpleTexting to send Cannabis or CBD-related messages.

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Text messages related to cannabis are not allowed in the United States because it’s still illegal at the federal level.

Since wireless carriers regulate wireless communications for the entire U.S., they comply with these federal regulations. This means SMS marketing can’t be used to promote marijuana-related products and brands.

Messages related to CBD products are not allowed for the same reason, as certain states do not allow their sale.

What if my messages don’t mention cannabis or CBD?

We define a cannabis-related SMS as any message that relates to the marketing or sale of a cannabis or CBD product, regardless of the actual content of the message, images, or external website.

What about sending CBD or cannabis related messages in Canada?

Cannabis and CBD are not illegal substances in Canada, but your messages may be blocked by Canadian carriers. For this reason, we do not allow the sending of CBD- or cannabis-related messages in Canada.

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