To get express written consent (which you need to legally text your contacts) at your point of sale, you need to present customers with a checkbox to opt in to your text messages.

Checkout Opt-in Checklist

The example above shows what your checkout opt in could look like. It should have a checkbox (not pre-checked) and a disclaimer that communicates:

  • The messages to be received will be marketing/promotional in nature

  • The messages will be sent via an autodialer

  • The agreement to receive the autodialed promotional text messages isn’t a condition of any purchase

  • Your campaign purpose

  • Message frequency

  • Info about message and data rates

  • A link to your terms and conditions and privacy policy

How to Set Up a Checkout Opt In (Shopify)

One of the most popular eCommerce platforms our customers use is Shopify, so here are the steps to set up the checkout opt in.

  1. From your Shopify Admin panel, open Settings.

  2. Navigate to Checkout.

  3. Find the consent for marketing section, and check the SMS marketing box.

  4. Take a screenshot of the newly added checkbox and save it to your downloads for the registration form.

Filling Out the Registration Form

Below, you'll find an example of how someone with a checkout opt in might fill out the toll-free verification form.

  1. When asked how people will give their consent, select Point of Sale.

  2. When asked how you're collecting phone numbers, describe when a contact will encounter this checkbox.

  3. For the opt-in URL, enter the web address of your eCommerce store.

  4. Then, upload an image of your checkout experience that includes the checkbox.

Opt-in Resources

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