It’s easy to automatically send text message reminders for appointments you schedule in Google Calendar—just sync your Google Calendar(s) to our Reminders app.

Here's how to use the appointment reminder feature on SimpleTexting: 

First go to Apps, then you click Reminders, Connect Google Calendar. Google will ask your permission for access to your calendar. Click Allow access.

Now, click Add reminder and pick the calendar you want to use for reminders. Click Continue and you can configure your calendar.

First, set your company name that will appear at the beginning of each message. Next, set how far in advance you want people to be reminded.

Here, you can set the hours when customers should be reached so you’re not texting them in the middle of the night. You can even prompt them to confirm, cancel, or reschedule via text message. This will automatically update their appointment in Google Calendar.

You can also be notified by email of their response by entering your email here. Click Save, it’s all set up. If you click on Reminder Messages, it will show any upcoming appointments that we’ve pulled in.

If we want to add another appointment, it’s as simple as adding one in Google Calendar.

You have to put the phone number in the subject line—that’s how it knows to send an event. Let’s say 941-555-3333 and put Jane Smith. Create the event and set it for 2 p.m. Now we press synchronize Events, go back to Reminder Messages, and there it is, scheduled.

Thanks for watching, and happy texting!

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