Texting with SimpleTexting is, well, simple. Like it should be. 🙂

Once you’ve shared your opt-in keyword—on flyers, on web pages, in traditional ads, all around town—and have collected a good group of subscribers, you’re ready to send your first message. You can read about how to send text messages here.

But sending a message is just part of the fun. There’s plenty more you can do, too.

View sent messages.

Sent messages don’t just disappear into some internet wilderness like a roving web crawler. They’re saved at Messaging > Activity > Sent, which means you can go back and admire your handiwork anytime you want.

Use the dropdown to filter by group. Change the display order. Delete messages if you like. We can’t really claim that the options are endless here, but they’re certainly sensible. 🙂

Receive messages.

Your subscribers can reply to your messages, of course. When someone responds, you’ll be able to read what they have to say over at Messaging > Inbox.

Reply to messages.

SMS is starting to sound a bit like email, isn’t it? To reply, just go to Messaging > Inbox, select a message, and start typing.

Note: If a contact has opted out of all your keywords, you won’t be able to reply.

Cancel scheduled messages.

Did you schedule something you shouldn’t have scheduled? Don’t worry, we all do that every once in a while, which is why canceling is an option.  🙂

From Messaging > Activity, jump over to the Scheduled tab and find the one you need to cancel. Over on the right you’ll see a little button that looks like a trash can. Click it and voilà, your message disappears like magic. ✨

If you just need to edit your message, click the edit button (looks like a pencil) and make your changes. 

View messages in progress.

When you send a message, it’ll be listed at Messaging > Activity > In Progress until it’s done sending to all recipients. Same goes for scheduled messages—when their scheduled time comes, of course.

You can edit, pause, or delete a message while it’s in progress, but of course some people will have already seen it. So make sure everything's correct before you actually hit send.

Track activity.

There are a few different ways to keep an eye on your message activity.

First, there’s that nice big graph in the dashboard. It tracks messages and displays results for whichever time period you select.

Second, the Analytics link at the top right of the dashboard graph takes you over to the Analytics view, where you can select Campaigns report to see how your messages are doing.

Finally, you can find analytics for individual messages at Messaging > Activity.

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