Keyword-based opt-in is the most popular (and compliance-friendly) method for collecting subscribers’ information and building a robust list of clients, leads, customers, or others who are interested in receiving your SMS marketing and communications messages. 

SimpleTexting also makes it easy for you to import your contacts. However, this requires approval from our Customer Success Team.

Why do I need approval?

Because we said so.

Just kidding. 😄 It’s because of compliance.

Our terms and conditions, as well as our usage policy, require that you have obtained express consent from your contacts to communicate with them via text messaging for marketing purposes.

If you have any questions about obtaining and documenting consent, please consult our informational guide about SMS marketing compliance.

Once you’ve determined that your contact list aligns with the requirements for compliance, contact the Customer Success Team or click on the blue-and-white icon on the right side of your screen to chat with a representative in real time.

As soon as we approve your import request, you can get started!

How to import your contacts

1. Log in and and navigate to Subscribers. 

2. To create a new list for your contacts, click the green Add list button. (If you want to add contacts to an existing list, skip to #4 below.)

3. Enter your list name in the popup message and click Save. 

This will save your list and return you to the Subscribers view. 

4. Select the green Import CSV button at the top.

Here you’ll see a screen where you can select a file to upload and choose your destination list.

The first checkbox will be automatically selected—“Send a free best practice compliance message to imported contacts.”

For transactional messages sent in the U.S. that are compliant with our usage policy, you may choose to uncheck it. If you plan to send marketing-related content, we advise you to keep this box checked to ensure compliance with all applicable federal regulations, industry guidelines, and mobile/wireless/cellular terms of service.

5. Check the box stating that you agree to our terms and conditions, then click Next.

6. Map your file’s data fields to SimpleTexting’s data fields.

This screen contains a dropdown list for each of SimpleTexting’s available fields—Contact Phone, First Name, Last Name, Contact Email, and Note. Use these dropdowns to choose which fields in your file should be mapped to the associated SimpleTexting fields.

7. Click Import … and you’re done!

Pro tip:

  1. It’s a good idea to import all applicable data fields during the mapping process—even if you don’t plan to use all of them. That’s because these fields can be used later to personalize your mass text messages for each individual subscriber.
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