Making sure your customers feel valued is important. A customer's experience should be consistent, even if they're chatting with a new service rep. Adding notes to your conversations keeps your team on the same page by allowing you to share customer history, ideas and feedback behind the scenes.

How to Add a Note

1. Select the conversation you would like to add your note to. 

2. At the bottom of the screen, where you normally type your message, select "Note".

3. Type out the note you'd like to leave, then press "Send Note". The message will appear in the thread in orange, and it's only visible to you!

4. If you want to make sure to revisit this thread, "Snooze" the conversation or enable push notifications. To do this, click on the alarm clock icon at the top right of the screen. Select how long you'd like to snooze the conversation for, and that's it! 

💡SimpleTexting Tip: Once a customer service inquiry has been answered or a conversation has wrapped up, you can declutter your inbox by marking a conversation as "resolved". This will remove it from your queue of conversations on the left side of your dashboard. Just click the check mark icon at the top of the conversation to clear it. The conversation can be marked back as "unresolved" at any time.

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