When you create additional team members in SimpleTexting, you have the option to restrict their list permissions. This feature should only be used if your new team member plans to send mass texts to a specific group of contacts—and do nothing else.

When you restrict list permissions, your team member will not be able to receive new incoming messages from people outside the lists assigned to them. This means they cannot field questions from new leads, answer questions from customers who are texting in for the first time, or start 1-on-1 conversations on their own.

So, when would be a good time to restrict permissions?

If you run an agency and want your clients to be able to send campaigns to just their list, it's a good idea to restrict list permissions. The same goes for restaurants for multiple locations.

If you want each location to do nothing else but send promotions to their list of contacts, then restrict away! Otherwise, we recommended providing full list permissions for the best experience.

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